Thursday 11 October 2018

Minnie Menon Jewelry, the semi-precious jewellery brand, turns five

 Minnie Menon Jewelry, the semi-precious boutique brand, turns 5 this month. This milestone is being celebrated with a high-voltage show at ITC’s Grand Chola on Wednesday Oct 10th.

The anniversary event will unveil Minnie’s new Collection aptly titled ‘Play on Gemstones, play on ’. An excited Minnie said “Romancing the stone has been an integral part of my design aesthetic from the very beginning. Semi-precious stones with their myriad hues, textures, tones and shapes have been my inspiration. To unearth and select stones and create a one of a kind, limited edition has been my constant endeavour. Over these 5 years Minnie’s design narrative has been to combine flair and tradition to arrive at elegant yet timeless classics.

‘Play on Gemstones , play on’ has an array of trendy and striking new age gem stones - from Tree Agate to Bumblebee Jasper and more - to the traditional Amethyst, Onyx , Rose Quartz & Labrodarite. What works in Minnie’s favour is a heightened sense of imagery due to her years in advertising. “I always have a few creations ,what I call ‘image drivers’ in my collections .My creations strive to be ‘mood elevators’ as well and that is why the colours and the stones selected are so critical because they impact the design “.

Minnie Menon Jewelry was launched in October 2013 at the premium gold and jewellery store Mehta Jewellery in Chennai. Since then, this bespoke brand has had a permanent presence in their showroom.

Each edition of Minnie Menon Jewelry continues to include her ‘fetish‘, stunning pendants to highlight necklaces . Apart from ear-rings, statement cocktail rings, cuffs and men’s cuff links. Her creations are 99.9 % handmade and the stones are encased in sterling silver. In Minnie‘s own words “MM Jewelry is a high touch point business. I am not in the retail volume game. So, online marketing has no role in the scheme of things. Semi-precious stones are soft and do not react well to rough handling.”

Minnie Menon’s collection is always a creative play on colours, shapes and sizes and uses contrasts so that the jewellery does not take you on a visual overdrive. Minnie Menon Jewelry has proud owners all over the world. Minnie is an extremely well known personality in Chennai. After an eventful career in advertising, marketing, and sports marketing, Minnie converted her hobby into a bespoke business. The 5th year is always a critical year for an entrepreneur and Minnie smiled with satisfaction while looking at the rear view mirror. The journey has been exciting and filled with learnings, but I followed two principles constantly 1) God is in the details 2) Hasten slowly.

Thailand has been a huge inspiration. The inherent artistic sensibilities of their people in every sector is quite unique. Minnie recently visited the 62nd Bangkok Gem and Jewellery Fair on the invitation of the Director General of International Trade Promotion of Thailand (DITP). She was the only person from South India to be invited among a group of 13 people from around the globe.

There will be a special exhibition and sale of Minnie Menon Jewelry’s 5th anniversary collection named ‘Play on Gemstones, play on ‘from Oct 12th to Oct 16th at Mehta Jewellery.


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