Saturday 10 June 2017

Jallikattu 5-23rd Jan 2017 is a tamil feature based on the recent youngsters uprising at the Marina beach in Chennai- India.

peaceful , non-political, leaderless movement of student gathering by youngsters . This movement was about the power of the youth, the pride of the soil and most importantly harmony.

As film makers we felt there are several stories that need to be told around this and we decided to make a film on this uprising. During the time of the marina protest, we commenced filming the real crowd and started increasing the quantum of coverage with each day. There are several aspects of the society that can be seen through this movement.

We have several hours of real footage from the marina site and also shot extensively with several pioneers of this moment. It’s with a sense of great pride that we say that we have made this into a tamil feature film for everyone to experience and cherish.

It’s the first experimental Tamil feature in a style wherein we combine real footage with the film and characters are all those were a part of the Marina uprising. This is directed debut filmmaker Santhosh, and produced by Ahimsa Productions headed by Nirupama. Guru Saravanan , from Singapore , Jayapal N from Washington have co-produced this project and joined the rest of team as they unveiled the first look of this film in New York , Walls Street on June 4th 2017.

OCCUPY WALL ST was in a way a pioneer movement for this protest where the people took to the streets to protest for their cause. It was the people movement where 99% of the people protested against 1% of those who controlled the economy.

The marina uprising had a strong similarity to this and it was all about the people taking this to their heart and making a change. Hence the team felt it will be most appropriate to launch the poster of the movie and unveil the first look right at the epicenter of the previous movement- near the charging bull.

The crew of this film comprises of Cinematographer S Ka Boopathy,Music director Ramesh Vinayakam, Editor Kasi Vishwanathan, Audiographer Udhaykumar and several others.


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