Friday 7 April 2017

Senjitaley En Kadhala Movie Review

love Story, which thirstily brings out the romance, newfangled artists who have made the film interesting. An unveiling director Ezhil Durai has directed the film Senjittale En Kadhala which has given knocked out to the audiences, subsequent to an inequitable separation with his girlfriend, the hero faces of many emerge in his life and worried about the behavioural of his girlfriend, then resolve to teach a good lesson to his lady friend.

Story: Our hero Ezhil Durai who was studying in a college, lives a happy life with his family members, Ezhil getting affair with his sister’s friend Madhumila, after a few days later, in a college function, both are meeting each other and they were starting to fall in love, Ezhil gets a financial issue and even depends on his father’s hand, Madhumila getting an opportunity to stand up in an election and she was getting selected during the election. The immature girl getting a relationship with another guy and protruding to ignore Ezhil, in a situation both were Ezhil and Madhumila are getting fell apart. Now Ezhil was hitting a financial status and a young talented girl Abhinaya joins in Ezhil’s office and she started to follow him in one side love track, check out the movie does the hero will marry his lovable girl or the girl who loves him?

Ezhil has given at best in the each frame, the viewers can see his excellent performances by handling his eccentric, even Madhumila had made both a negative and the positive feel when she appeared on screen, the girl Abhinaya was not less in her acting.


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