Monday 12 October 2015

AR Rahman launched “Seaboard Rise by ROLI” at KM Music Conservatory – First Time in Indiat

AR Rahman launched “Seaboard Rise by ROLI” at KM Music Conservatory with a performance by
KM students with Seaboard Rise and a 3 days' workshop on the use of the musical instrument. Manon Dave, ROLI's product manager for the Seaboard RISE, is overseeing workshop to the students from October 9-13 at KMMC.

As a part of the workshop, AR Rahman invited the six students who are working intensively with Manon Dave on the Seaboard RISE to his studio on October 11th to check on their progress and give advice and tips on using the board. He demonstrated many of the sounds and techniques he likes as well as finding out what each of them is writing. He also set out plans for the continued use of the RISE in the curriculum at KM. He told the students that they need to have the right mindset to play the instrument and that it is about feeling their way from the sounds they have in their heads through the board.

Music students at A.R. Rahman's KM Music Conservatory in Chennai were among the very first people to play the Seaboard RISE. Mr. Rahman has arranged for five of the first units to reach the gifted students at KMMC, which the A.R. Rahman Foundation supports. He wishes to introduce the next generation of Indian music-makers to this next-generation, groundbreaking musical instrument.

The students will premiere their new pieces on the October 13th, Tuesday at 7pm at KM Music Conservatory Auditorium.

About “Seaboard Rise by ROLI”

A.R. Rahman, the world-famous composer, was one of the earliest artists to champion the Seaboard, a musical instrument whose soft, pressure-sensitive surface lets music-makers control sound through touch. He performs on the Seaboard in his shows around the world, showcasing the instrument as one that will shape the future of music creation.

From October 9 a new model of Seaboard, the Seaboard RISE, is on sale at retailers. Compact, wireless, and selling for under $1,000, this is an accessible Seaboard that can be enjoyed by music-makers anywhere.

The depth of expression possible on a Seaboard RISE, which can bend pitch as easily as an acoustic instrument, complements the performance of Indian classical music. This style of music is known for rapid, microtonal bends - which are not available on a standard keyboard. The students of KMMC will discover an instrument uniquely well-suited to playing the traditional music of India as well as any style of electronic music from the twenty-first century.


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