Friday 14 August 2015

Mr.Yuhi Sethu has been conferred the Doctorate degree (Ph.D) in Cinema

Mr.Yuhi Sethu, well known film & TV personality, has been conferred the Doctorate degree (Ph.D) in Cinema by the Madras University on Tuesday 14th July 2015, for his Thesis entitled: "DEVELOPMENT OF A NEW MOVIE BOX OFFICE PREDICTABILITY MODEL". 

It was lauded as a very original and pioneering work in this long untouched area of cinema and first of its kind in the world as it relates to forecasting before production rather than after. It is a finding after in depth analysis of many films, trade magazines, aesthetics and business also covering areas of cognitive science, semiology, structuralism etc. It is sure to be an eye opener and ready reckoner for many movie production firms, film makers, and funders across globe. It is a bold stepping stone in throwing light in an otherwise nebulous field of cinema and box office impact.


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