Saturday 9 August 2014

“I Am For India Foundation", is an initiative by Latha Rajinikanth

His Excellency Mr. ANGELO ANTONIO TORIELLO, Ambassador – Deputy Permanent Representative to the Permanent Mission of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome & Principe to the United Nations (in collaboration with Friendship Ambassadors Foundation) is one of the annual UN Youth Assembly lead endorser, which involves more than 1500 youths from all over the world, and social activist shoring-up women rights and endorser of supporting UNWOMEN and UNICEF agency activities. He is organizing a major event called:

“Humanicy: The Human side of the Diplomacy - at the Crossroads of the Arts, Diplomacy and Heightened Consciousness”; 

“Essenceness: The Essence side of the Consciousness and its new quantum physics paradigms” (two words coined by Mr. Ambassador) to be held at UN Head Quarters, NY, ECOSOC chamber for December 4 and 5, 2014.

 “I Am For India Foundation", is an initiative by Latha Rajinikanth. Latha Rajinikanth (born Latha Rangachari) is an Indian philanthropist, educationist, musician, singer, writer and the wife of Superstar, the Icon, Rajinikanth who enjoys the love and following of millions of people all over the world. After decades of being in public life and interacting with people from all walks of life as part of her daily routine, it has been Latha Rajinikanths passion to create change in the most important segments - “Education, Sports, Health care, Culture, Heritage and Environment". To implement this vision was born “I Am For India”. A project that aims at bringing a revolution of change in the thought and act process in every individual to feel strongly that India is their country and that they have an important role to play in the development of the country.

It is in view of this event, which is going to launch the “Humanicy” project and which englobes in it many sustainable social, humanitarian, educational and cultural programs, that the Permanent Mission of Sao Tome and Prinicipe, as a Member State of UN, representated by His Excellency, after having observed the activities of the foundation for 1 year, wishes to enter in collaboration with I Am For India Foundation. This, will permit its collaboration with Mr. Ambassador Office in NY, an opportunity to expand and improve its agenda by merging it with the MDG agenda of UNO through our collaboration with a Member State.

I Am For India Foundation will be engaged in all works related to rural development, education, women empowerment, environment, culture and heritage of India as part of its collaboration with UN. It will also engage in organizing events, produce films, documentaries on Indian mythology, stories reflecting Indian culture and Heritage, world culture and heritage etc.

In fact, based on different projects, which the two entities would be running together, one major sector which would be generating funds to support social and multi million dollar humanitarian projects is through documentaries and films production, involving Indian companies which would cash flow the production from their own sources for the value of contracts on each project basis, and which would be fundable/refundable by any international governmental body/private or public sector acting for or by UNO and its Members State. 

Another strong point for “I Am For India Foundation”  to adhere to the Humanicy program is based on the “Art” and "Entertainment",  an instrument of primary importance through which promote and sustain peace in the world, an aspect - this - very close to His Excellency’s heart. These are his quotes:

“Art is more than just mere ‘entertainment’ to please our senses. It is the profound language of a soul expressing its inner being to the external world. Art is the unspoken language of human being’s creativity, a radiation of awareness; a speechless soul-to-soul dialogue to reach the heart, which is pulsing life secreted into the human body. Art is after all the true language of the “he-art” - our vital organ –, a viaticum engendering consciousness. It is a medium - a passport - which allows us to cross borders, and through which human beings meet one to others beyond the boundaries of ideologies, beliefs and creeds, by transmogrifying tolerance into acceptance and eventually comprehension – a respect of the diversities. Art evolves individualization into socialization, nationalism into globalism, becoming this, a gateway to sublimate human relations by promoting mutual understanding, harmony, friendship relations, cooperation and socio-economic developments - and that, without having to renounce to our respective “national identities”.   
Art is about vibrations, perceptions, visions, and that, transmutes hatred into compassion; war into peacefulness.
Art is the sound of creation, and that, metamorphoses death into life; our mortality into eternity.”

"Peace is not something to compete for, in the same way as longing for a Nobel prize; it is not an intellectual subject on which to dogmatize or a cultural contest. Peace is a way to be and live. It is an essential part of the true nature within us harboring that which has just to be revealed... not achieved. Like Art.
Art is Peace, which is not something to talk about, it is a value to enliven by practicing it through exertion of our responsibility as sentient beings.  Like Art.”

It is by all this that "Humanicy and Essenceness" have been coined and shaped by His Excellency; two words that he says is“hurling and urging to call back out that humanity often forgotten in the name of diplomacy by endeavoring our consciousness.
India being a land of wisdom, rich in heritage, culture, tradition, intellect, arts and crafts, needs to be saluted and applauded for its legacy and growth. Let us join and travel this road together to work towards the betterment of the society and pay a tribute to the effort and strive of India to become a global brand. 



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