Friday 23 March 2012

World Rights of Urumi bought by Famous Producer S.Thanu

Being another milestone movie in cinema history the movie Urumi has been produced with the  budget of 30 Crores. Urumi has been directed by National Award winning cinematographer Santhosh Sivan. He has done the cinematography as well Added a new fame to the movie, Tamil film industry giant producer and distributor S. Thanu has got the worldwide rights  of Urumi. Being a 30 crores budget movie,  
Kalaipuli S Thanu is planning to spend even more big sum of money to promote the movie among worldwide audience..

We all know that the three kings  Chera,Chozha and Pandias ruled our ancient Tamilnadu. Urumi will tell about Cheran. It tells how brilliantly they ruled our country and their dominations in sea as well. Urumi is not  only an entertainment movie ,  
In 18th century how our Nation became slave to European countries syncs with current scenario of how slavery swirls to corporate world today. This movie is sure to create an impact on the thinking of today’s people. India’s prominent actors  Prithivi Raj, Prabhu Deva, Arya, Madraspattinam Alex, Genelia , Vidhya balan , Dabu have acted in important roles in Urumi. After the movie Vettai audience would enjoy another dimension of Aarya. He has done a splendid performanance in both historic and  fight sequences as well.

To meet the huge  expectations among worldwide audiences Kalaipuli S Thanu will soon release the movie. " Urumi is a mega budget movie going to be released before Vijay starring Thuppaki which is under production in my banner. I am sure Urumi will entertain people to the core. Its my soul responsibility to take Urumi to the cinema lovers" says Kalaipuli S Thanu.

Dialogues by sasikumar and Kavi Perarasu  Vairamuthu has written  6 songs which  have been composed by Deepak Dev.  18th century and today’s trend has been blended by Deepak Dev. National award winner Srikar Prasad has edited the movie. While SunilBabu is taking care of Art direction  Anal Arasu is the stunt director of Urumi. Challenging 18th century scenes have been brought by Art director. Sword fight and Kalavi fight has been drawn back by Arasu.

The movie is going to be released soon.  


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